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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

625.7 miles of familial bliss

Last week was certainly a good one in my book. Work was fun, I got a lot done, and then I got a pleasant surprise come the weekend. My sister was flying into Walla Walla for spring break from college and I had not seen her in quite a while. She had been bugging me to come down for a bit while she was home but given that I just started a new job I could not take the time off. She called me from the Seattle airport and told me that she was on a layover. I asked if I could come see her at the airport, but due to post 9-11 security reasons she would not be able to leave the concourse.

My mind started racing, I practically hung up on her to go check on something. I called a few friends and delayed some plans I had for the weekend. Then I called Janet back and told her not to get on the final leg of her flight and started driving to go pick her up. We came back to my place for dinner, then headed to my friend Ian’s for his Venture Brothers marathon.

Come Saturday morning we hopped in Precious (BTW I named the GLI Precious, as in my Prrreccious) and started the long drive to Walla Walla Skype settled down into the (blanketed) back seat quickly and hunkered down to sleep for most of the ride. It was smooth sailing over the pass, and really fun to both drive Precious for a long distance as well as talk with Janet.

Saturday night was good in Walla Walla I got to hang out with my entire family for the first time in well over a year, as well as see a few old friends. We ate a nice family dinner and then spent a few hours talking. After the parents had gone to bed I took Steven and we went driving out in the country. It was fun to push some of the limits on my car and see how it dealt with twisty little back-country roads. I’m really excited about the car now that it’s broken in and I’m able to push the engine a bit more than when I first got it.

Sunday morning I drove back bright and early. I had some things I had to do in Seattle (not the least of which was washing the 600 miles of filth off my car) and wanted to do dinner with my friends Scot and Calvin. There was a little drama surrounding the food, but things ended up OK and after a few kitchen crisis’s we called in for some Indian food.

Monday almost brought a tear to my eye. I had to go back into Greythorn to drop off a check to repay a 401k loan. It was really good to see all my old co-workers but in a way it reminded me how much I miss them. Don’t get me wrong – I love my new job and the people I work with, but I really do wish that I could see some of my old co-workers a lot more frequently. I’ve only really kept in close communication with Scott and there are other worthy people there. We all went to have a nice lunch and got to catch up a bit on each others lives.


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