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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Fair health returns

The last week has been filled with sickness and blight. I was feeling fine last Thursday morning and the world was a good place again. Come noon I started to feel a little ill – the aches in my shoulders, the fatigue… it just kept getting worse. At around 3:00 I ended up leaving work and going home to lay down and see if I could just get some rest and come in bright and healthy on Friday morning – boy was I wrong. By 7:00 I was in intense pain and had a fever of 102.

I had a miserable night and first thing in the morning called my doctor to get an appointment. Dominic was a lifesaver and helped with Skype as well as getting me to the doctor and back. I was quite weak and it took his help to get dressed and walk to his car. It really gave me an appreciation for the elderly – it was one of the first times in my life that I have been able to understand how standing up and walking across the room could be such a Herculean task.

My doctor determined that I had both the flu and a bacterial infection – the double whammy of doom. He gave me some antibiotics and some painkillers and sent me on my way home. After three days of laying in bed doped up on Vicoden I started to feel better. A little bit of energy seeped into my body with each passing day, and by the end of the day Monday I was feeling somewhat healthy.

I drove into work on Tuesday – not quite sick, but definitely not quite healthy either. I was fatigued – even working the clutch on my car driving to work took effort. I made it through about 5 hours at work before I had to go home and rest. I slept from pretty much 6:00 till my alarm went of on Wednesday morning. I’m finally back to pretty good health now – I’m still a bit fatigued but for the most part I’m back in the swing of things and catching back up at work. I’m looking forward to being done with this week tomorrow evening and just spending the weekend relaxing and getting back to 100% healthy.


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