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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Fast times on the couch

It’s been a lazy week. Over last weekend I spent most of my time watching movies and relaxing. On Saturday morning I went to the Mercer Island dog park with Skype to meet up with Rene and Scott for some dog romping. After the dog park Scott ended up coming back over to Seattle with me for some movies and food. He introduced me to a fantastic old movie called the 7th Seal. It’s a very thought provoking Swedish black and white film from the 50’s. I was quite impressed with the cinematography and story line.

After that movie we grabbed some delicious sushi at Blue C and then headed back for more movies. One movie blended into the next, and a good 14 hours later we had seen a number of great flicks. He ended up crashing on the couch and I took him back to Bellevue on Sunday morning. After that excursion I was in a listless mood and spent most of Sunday relaxing on the couch with Skype catching up on some personal projects.

This week is going by fast. Monday was presidents day and the office was pretty dead. We all went out for a nice long lunch and played a bit of poker in the office after we were done with our work. For the most part this whole week should fly by. My parents are in town today and tomorrow and I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with them.


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