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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Wow - what a week!

Wednesday with my parents was quite nice. My mom's presentation got pushed back to Monday so I spent a good portion of the day with them. They stopped by for lunch, then I took an early day and left at 3:00 to hang out with them. We ate good food, talked to the late hours, watched a movie, and in general had a hopping good time. The following morning I did a quick breakfast with them before I headed to work for a quick Thursday.

Friday was quite different. After work I headed over to the east side to wish my friend Mark a happy birthday at his party. I got to see a lot of my old co-workers and everyone had a really good time. I'll have an interesting video to post from his high-school years shortly! After I went dashing downtown (after dropping Skype off and grabbing my camera gear) to shoot Brien's suspension show.


The show got moved earlier and I missed about half of it, but for the first time I came back stage with them and shot the entire event photojournalist style. It's amazing the emotion that a powerful event like a suspension can evoke. I am particularly fond of this shot as I think it really shows the gritty side of extreme spiritualism. I'm still waiting for the right opportunity to go up myself and experience it myself. Anyone in the Seattle area should keep their eyes out for the next Bardo Suspension show at the Fenix Underground.

I'm looking forward to Monday - I'm set to get my first commission along with my payroll this week at work which should help me get caught up on bills and start building my savings back up. My insurance ended up being more than I expected on my car (damn you VW finance - damn you!). Things are really starting to look up - I'm much happier at my new company, and that extra positive emotional energy is seeping into other aspects of my life.


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