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Monday, March 21, 2005

Busy busy busy...

Good lord the last two weeks have been busy. I’ve been doing everything under the sun except for updating my blog! Three weeks ago now I started things off with Damian’s birthday, then immediately after went to my friend Jay’s place for his birthday party (there have been 3 birthdays in 3 weeks – what a world). While at Jay’s place I got some not so good news – a family member of mine has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s – they don’t know much about it yet, so I don’t really know how this is going to affect their life. More on that subject later.

Aside from that the last two weeks have just been busy. I’ve spent a lot of time watching movies with Skype when I have not been working. Things are really picking up at work and I’m really excited about 2005 – it’s got all the earmarks of a truly fantastic year! If all goes well and I can get my income up enough I’m planning on buying a larger condo and renting out my old one to a friend of mine. Hopefully that will get me on track to get a nice house on the north capitol hill sometime in 2006-2006.

This weekend my mom was in town. She is testifying before the Washington State Senate Transportation Committee (what a mouthful) today and ended up driving up on Saturday. She got in town just after Dominic and I finished doing my spring cleaning so she actually got to see my place looking pretty decent. She stayed at my place and we got to hang out and watch a lot of movies. I’ve been buying a lot of WMVHD movies of late and I showed her a few. I think I have her converted to the hi-def religion at this point and now she gets the point in having Dad purchase a $1000 TV when their old TV “works just fine”… yeah – works fine from 1995!

Aside from all that madness I have a pretty good week ahead. Lots of things to do at work, lots of distractions at home. The week should fly by and I’ll be relaxing over the weekend in no time. I’ve got a couple of movies I’m really excited to watch this week, and some friends that I’m going to be hanging out with.