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Friday, April 29, 2005

New and exquisite kinds of pain

First the good news – working out is going really well and I’m already feeling increased energy and an aura of health. The bad news is that the old adage “no pain – no gain” is 100% true. This morning I woke up barely able to move my legs. On Wednesdays workout I did some work on my thighs. I have discovered that the muscles on the inside of your thighs are muscles that never really do get worked out in day to day life. I mean aside from crushing the odd tin can or some strange yet beautiful dance move you never really do need to move your legs outward rather than forward. At least I know what I have to work on.

Aside from the pain (which Advil and lots of stretching are helping with) today is shaping up pretty well. In a little over 2 hours I’m leaving to go work out, followed by the fun of a movie filled weekend. I’m a little mixed about tonight – Hitchhikers Guide promises to be good, but from what I’ve read being a fan of the books will really take a lot of the impact down. Compressing five books into 90 minutes is never a good thing – turning sci-fi comedy into an action movie is if nothing worse.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

An interesting weekend

So Monday started out great and just got better. I ended up joining Tres to work out at Sound Body and I feel great for it. I think I’m going to get back into fitness and start working out with him three times a week. If I can manage to keep that up I should be fit and feisty by summer. We spent about 45 minutes lifting weights then a half hour or so on cardio. It was my first time lifting and boy do I have a lot to learn about it. Tres was a saint and taught me a lot about how to do it and how important form can be.

Today I was significantly less sore than I was expecting. I guess doing things properly helped a lot with that. I was kind of dreading the day after but if this is the worst I have to deal with then I think this time I can really stick with it. After work I went out for a few drinks with a guy that I met last week. It’s been a long time since I’ve met someone who engaged me like that and it was refreshing to talk to a nice intelligent guy for a couple of hours and get to know him.

The rest of this week is lining up to be pretty interesting. I will be working out with Tres again tomorrow, and then heading to a movie with Scott and a few other friends on Friday. Saturday will bring the Lord of the Rings marathon at the Cinerama with a bunch of friends – it should be a blast!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Sore again

With the go karting of last week receding into the inky blackness I’m again sore, but this time for an entirely different reason. I’ve started working out a little bit as I want to start looking good for summer. I’m also working on getting better for a light flu I got over the weekend from a co-worker.

Aside from that life has been fun and filled with adventures. Over the weekend I got a lot of writing done, and managed to get over to Mike and Cyn’s for a BBQ with Brien. We drank some wine, played with Skype, and took some interesting photos. It was my first big photo day of the summer, and I have to admit I’m a little disappointed with the results. I have not shot many photo’s since last summer due to the weather and whatnot so I think I’m a bit out of practice. Now that Skype is old enough to come along I think I’m going to get back into the swing of things and start shooting a couple of times a week.

Tres got a PSP last Friday so we got to do the multiplayer thing over the weekend. Untold Legends really is a fantastic game with 2+ players and I’m impressed with the auto-configuration that the PSP wireless connection uses.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Go kart soreness

On Wednesday we had a small office party for my team here and went go karting for the afternoon. It was a fun little event and I got to go zipping around at 35mph in electric go karts. I ended up getting a top dog medal for having the fastest lap of the day. I took some cute pictures of Skype wearing it and I might post one shortly.

The only problem with go karting in my opinion is how sore you get from it. I spent an entire afternoon getting thrown around on the cart crashing into walls. My shoulder and neck are killing me, as is my right forearm. Tonight I have a party with a bunch of friends that I’m really excited about. Skype is staying with Dom and I’m going to have a blast!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Tiles, tiles everywhere!

TilingThis weekend was certainly a busy one. I spent the majority of my time devoted to my tiling project. I discovered just how big home improvement projects can get. I originally thought it would be a quick afternoon and I would get both the bathroom and the kitchen done, but it ended up taking most of both Saturday and Sunday and I only got to the kitchen.

Saturday morning Brien helped me move all the appliances out then I stripped out the existing linoleum. My friend Tye dropped by and helped us unhook the dishwasher. My place is currently quite chaotic what with the stove and fridge taking up my entryway. The dishwasher is currently taking up the majority of my bedroom (thus necessitating sleeping on my couch with Skype in the living room), and my counters and cupboards are in the bedroom as well.

Once we got that cleared out we set up the tiles and got them measured to be cut. We marked them with a sharpie and took them back to Lowes to get the actual cuts made on their wet diamond saw. We got back mid afternoon with the cut tiles and started the official process. After mixing the adhesive we laid the tiles out with the spacers and then celebrated with our friend Ken once it was done with a night of sushi and wild drinking.

Come Sunday morning I woke up and took Skype to Marymoor park for a puppy party. Some friends of mine brought a bunch of dogs down to celebrate the third anniversary of them taking their puppy home from the rescue shelter. It was quite impressive to see that many dogs (a couple of hundred in the park) frolicking and cavorting about. Once he was good and worn out Dom and I headed back over to Seattle and I prepared for the final steps in my weekend tiling project.

Brien and Steve came back down and helped me mix and spread the grout. Now that I have that done it needs to dry one more day before I seal the grout and get all my appliances back in the kitchen where they belong. I must say I'm quite proud of the job so far and am really looking forward to having my kitchen and living room back to normal!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Now that’s a fat a$$!

Yesterday was filled with activity for me. At lunch I went downtown and picked up my copy of Mercury. It’s an amazing game and I’m quite impressed with the action puzzle style gameplay. In the evening I had dinner with an old friend then went to Lowes to get tiles for my weekend project. I found some Italian marble that I fell in love with, along with some nice blue tile for the bathroom that really reminds me of some of the agates that my dad used to collect on the


beach. They were quite a bit more expensive than I had planned on (once you considered the grout, and tools) but I think it's well worth it, and will help make my condo significantly nicer.

Heading back from Lowes I was quite surprised at what a difference the extra 700lbs made to the handling of my car. It was very unresponsive, and you could feel the weight in the trunk weighing down the back end of the car. I got a few laughs about my car and it’s big fat ass. Great traction tho ;)

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Yesterday Skype managed to do his first horrific act – he destroyed my kitchen. While I was at work (in fact in less than an hour after his last walk) he managed to get a little edge up on the linoleum in my kitchen. Once he got an edge up he started tearing up the floor in strips. I came home to a trashed kitchen with little bits of plaster, linoleum, and epoxy spread throughout the place. I’m still trying to decide if I want to have more laminate put down to replace it, or if I should upgrade to tiles. At the moment I’m leaning towards upgrading to tiles, however I’m a little leery about this as it will involve a full weekend of work to do. The plus side is I’ll have really nice tiles in both my livingroom and bathroom.

Monday, April 04, 2005

PSP mayhem

So the last week has been pretty exciting. For the ups I got my PSP on Thursday and I’m very happy with it. Sony really did a fantastic industrial design job on it, and the graphics are amazingly good. It’s near PS2 level graphics, but it fits in your pocket. The screen is bright and viewable from almost any angle, and as a surprisingly good response time. I’m also quite enthusiastic about the full hardware support of suspending. When you are done playing it you hit the power button and it pauses and goes to sleep. When you are ready to play again (after taking a phone call for instance) you just hit power and it jumps back to exactly where you were before. I ended up spending most of the weekend playing on my PSP and hanging out with friends.

I’m very excited about the PSP still, and looking forward to a few new games. Mercury looks good, as does Tales of Eternia (whenever they finally release it for the American market).