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Monday, April 04, 2005

PSP mayhem

So the last week has been pretty exciting. For the ups I got my PSP on Thursday and I’m very happy with it. Sony really did a fantastic industrial design job on it, and the graphics are amazingly good. It’s near PS2 level graphics, but it fits in your pocket. The screen is bright and viewable from almost any angle, and as a surprisingly good response time. I’m also quite enthusiastic about the full hardware support of suspending. When you are done playing it you hit the power button and it pauses and goes to sleep. When you are ready to play again (after taking a phone call for instance) you just hit power and it jumps back to exactly where you were before. I ended up spending most of the weekend playing on my PSP and hanging out with friends.

I’m very excited about the PSP still, and looking forward to a few new games. Mercury looks good, as does Tales of Eternia (whenever they finally release it for the American market).


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