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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Tiles, tiles everywhere!

TilingThis weekend was certainly a busy one. I spent the majority of my time devoted to my tiling project. I discovered just how big home improvement projects can get. I originally thought it would be a quick afternoon and I would get both the bathroom and the kitchen done, but it ended up taking most of both Saturday and Sunday and I only got to the kitchen.

Saturday morning Brien helped me move all the appliances out then I stripped out the existing linoleum. My friend Tye dropped by and helped us unhook the dishwasher. My place is currently quite chaotic what with the stove and fridge taking up my entryway. The dishwasher is currently taking up the majority of my bedroom (thus necessitating sleeping on my couch with Skype in the living room), and my counters and cupboards are in the bedroom as well.

Once we got that cleared out we set up the tiles and got them measured to be cut. We marked them with a sharpie and took them back to Lowes to get the actual cuts made on their wet diamond saw. We got back mid afternoon with the cut tiles and started the official process. After mixing the adhesive we laid the tiles out with the spacers and then celebrated with our friend Ken once it was done with a night of sushi and wild drinking.

Come Sunday morning I woke up and took Skype to Marymoor park for a puppy party. Some friends of mine brought a bunch of dogs down to celebrate the third anniversary of them taking their puppy home from the rescue shelter. It was quite impressive to see that many dogs (a couple of hundred in the park) frolicking and cavorting about. Once he was good and worn out Dom and I headed back over to Seattle and I prepared for the final steps in my weekend tiling project.

Brien and Steve came back down and helped me mix and spread the grout. Now that I have that done it needs to dry one more day before I seal the grout and get all my appliances back in the kitchen where they belong. I must say I'm quite proud of the job so far and am really looking forward to having my kitchen and living room back to normal!


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