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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A true technologist

So last night I did something that several years ago I swore I would never do. I went and bought a Mac! I got a 15" Powerbook and I have to admit that I'm impressed. Now I'm not going to go all gung-ho and say this is the best hardware/operating system/user experience/etc that I've ever had, but I will say that I'm impressed and I don't see it leaving my life at any point in the near future.

My experience with the Apple store was surprisingly quick and easy. The people knew a thing or two about what they were talking about (compared with say Comp-Useless). There was a slight snafu with the operating system (I got a Powerbook without the Tiger upgrade CD in the box) but they fixed it immediately and without question. Once I got it home and installed Tiger I just started to play with it and tweak my UI.

For a laptop I'm surprised at how responsive it is. I had always heard people talking about how PowerPC to Intel architectures don't really compare and they were right. The 1.67gz Powerbook is about as responsive as my 3.4gz desktop at home when it was running Windows. The industrial design on the entire laptop is fantastic - Apple really does understand design (if not the two button mouse). Before buying my Powerbook I did a lot of research, reading reviews and pondering the writings of other users. I came across the phrase "OSX is like a breath of fresh air" more than once in my readings and now see why. I'm not sure if I'm going to go that far, but I have to admit that the UI does make Windows look a bit stodgy. That also might be a weakness of OSX however as Windows is far more consistent (windows and applications having the same look, feel, and behavior), something that the enterprise and novice markets both appreciate.

Aside from that I think I've now become a true technologist. I've used the three major operating systems (if barely) and found them all to be capable and have different strengths. I don't think I'm as anti-Microsoft as I was when I first installed Linux a few weeks ago, nor do I think I'm any more of a fanboy of Linux either. I think all three operating systems have their pluses and minuses. I suspect that moving forward I'm going to run some mix of all three. I know Blinky is going to end up being a dual boot with Linux and Windows XP, and of course my Powerbook is going to get dual boot with Yellow Dog Linux and OSX. That way I can continue to learn about all three, and take advantage of their various strengths.

Aside from my exciting new computing experience life is good. Last night I discovered a mild injury from Friday as I could barely lift weights, but cardio went well and it was good to get pumped up again. Tonight is going to be a pretty low key evening - Skype is going to need some love (he was still pretty wiped out yesterday from playing with Sasha) and I'm going to need to give my new toy some love as well!


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