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Sunday, May 29, 2005

And then she graduated

So here I sit, waiting paitently for Janet's graduation ceremony to start. I'm sitting on a flimsy plastic folding chair, one of thousands laid out on the the field in the St. Olaf's outdoor stadium. The freshly cut grass smells of springtime, and the murmur of the many attendees mingles with the sound of the student orchestra warming up.

It's amazing how quickly the place filled up. We got here nearly two hours early to get good seats (very near the podium so I can get some pictures for the family) and it's been interesting to watch the influx of humanity fill the stadium in waves like so much water pouring into a puget sound at high tide. There are over 600 (each with their various family members in attendance) graduates this year so I'm expecting a long ceremony. The weather is far nicer than I had been dreading - a nice cool 60 degrees, and patchy clouds. So long as this holds out the whole event will be rather nice.


UPDATE: Janet graduating - now with 100% fewer compression errors.The ceremony ended up being rather quite nice. It lasted a little over two hours, and moved along quite quickly as these things go. The dean had a great voice and pronounced most of the names correctly. I got some great shots of Janet receiving her diploma.  I don't think I've seen her that genuinely happy and excited in a long time. Everyone is very happy for her and I think she's very glad that her college days are finally over!

After the graduation we got stuff dropped off at her finance Dave's house and then went over to her roommate of three years home for a big BBQ. There are three grads from St. Olafs here and it's a fun little party. I think we are all going to head home relatively early though as we are all very tired and have to get to the airport very early in the morning.


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