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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Bears and ink and metal, OH MY!

So last night was certainly a memorable one. After a lazy day Brien and I went out for some dinner and he mentioned that a friend of his was trying to drag him to "Ink and Metal" night at the Eagle. I was quite curious, and as trashy as the Eagle is I made an executive decision to go and dragged Brien along. Once we got there we discovered that it was not really "Ink and Metal" night, but instead "Ink and Metal Underwear" night. At the door we were offered a choice between stripping down to our skivvies or paying a cover charge. Of course we both paid our $5 and headed in to see the sights. My friend Scot beat us there by a few moments and we hooked up with him right away.

After a couple of drinks however my inhibitions started to wane, like so much salty blue water receding from the Oregonian shores of my youth. After my 2nd drink I went downstairs and traded in my clothes for a claim ticket and really started to get into the event. About 90% of the people that frequent the cuff are scary motherfuckers, but in this case the other 10% was interesting, intelligent, and pierced/inked so things were actually pretty interesting. I got into an interesting conversation with some (hot) deaf guys. It drove home to me just how out of practice I am with sign. They had to spell most things out for me, and at a speed that must have been painfully slow.

After Brien had a few more drinks I managed to convince him to strip down and join the fun. By this point about 50% of the bar was in their underwear, and the other 50% was goggling from the sidelines. I found this to be quite amusing and settled into a "watching the watchers" mode for a while. They had a little ink contest and Brien entered. He did not come in first (despite getting loud cheers from the crowd) but it was fun to see him prancing about on the balcony with a flashlight highlighting his work.

Well now that I'm home and rested I must head out. I'm going out to the Henry estate for the afternoon to hang out and let Skype romp in the wild. Salute!


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WOOOF, sure wish I had gone. Ink and Metal nights are awesome. Thanx for sharing.

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