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Friday, May 20, 2005


So today has certainly been a mixed bag. I was somehow feeling rushed this morning (there turned out to be a good cause for the rush) and left the house in a big hurry. In this flustered big hurry I managed to forget my gym bag, so here I sit at the gym waiting for Tres, all but ready to work out in Jeans. How crap can you get ehh?

Aside from that the day has been busy and productive. I got an urgent project dropped on my desk this morning and spent most of the day working on getting it staffed up and ready to go. It's always nice to have something take up your day like that and make things fly by. I know after a day like today I'll get a sound nights sleep, feeling productive and wise.

So now I'm going to go buy an overpriced pair of gym branded shorts, and work out in the T-shirt I went to work in. How exciting. How drab. At least afterwards I guess I get to look forward to going out to a movie with Brien and some other friends. Not that I'm all that excited about Star Wars III, but at least it will get me out of the house for fun times!


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