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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

For once my pants falling off is not part of some esoteric nightmare

Yesterday was long and fulfilling. After a bit of a late and lazy start I headed in to the office and got things squared away and back on track for the projects I'm working on. I had a Java project come in which makes me a bit uncomfortable as I don't know jack about Java.

After work I went to Sound Body for my workout with Tres. I had indulged a bit in Walla Walla so I did a little extra effort and time on cardio to help burn off the excess calories. After the workout I was feeling energetic and feisty and bounced around for a bit while Dom and Brien watched Final Fantasy with me.

This morning was the first morning where I had empirical evidence that my workouts are achieving something - I put on my favorite pair of pants and was delighted to notice that they are all but falling off. Half way to my office from the parking garage I was wishing I had brought a belt. If I keep this up I'll have to go buy new clothes soon - something that as loathe as I would normally be to do I think I'll be fairly excited about given the circumstances!


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