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Monday, May 09, 2005

Long haul home

This weekend made for fun times - I went home on Friday to see my mom for mothers day. My dad was coming back through Seattle on Friday and I ended up following him home caravan style and we got home mid afternoon. It was really good to see Mom and hang out in the slow paced world of Walla Walla.

Dad brought down news of my grandmother. She was doing better for a while, but it sounds like she's taken a turn for the worse. Yesterday when I got home I got the call that her subdural hematoma has gotten worse and she's back in surgery to see if they can relive some of the pressure on her brain. I'm hoping this all gets resolved soon - Grandma does not deal well with being in the hospital and I'm sure Grandpa is more than slightly freaking out with not having her around.

Skype certainly enjoyed being home for a bit. As much as he hates being in the car for 5 hours he really does like Walla Walla what with its wide open spaces and his grandparents there to spoil him rotten. I think he was a little stressed out from the car ride yesterday - he was acting quite mopey and sick last night, and seems a bit out of it this morning. I'm hoping that he feels better after a day to rest and recuperate.

Now I'm down at Red Line eating some breakfast and checking my work email. I technically have today off but I think I'll end up at work in a few hours anyway. I have a lot to get done and should really get some things taken care of in case I end up having to run back up to Vancouver later this week if my grandma takes a turn for the worse.


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