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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Mother, revisited

Aside from being pumped up and ready for my legs workout tonight I'm pumped up and excited for having seen my mother again last night. This is around the one year anniversary of our family friend Ann's tragic death. As a result my mother and many other cyclists have been working on passing a new bicycle safety law to change the way people can pass on highways when bikers or pedestrians are on the road. This new bill is called HB1108 and passed the Washington State senate and house earlier this year. Today in Olympia the Governor is signing the bill into law and my mom came up last night so she (along with Ann's widower and daughter) could be present.

She flew in last night and rented a car to come up to my place for the evening. We ate dinner and watched a movie before heading to bed. Today she's going down to Olympia for the signing then heading back up to SeaTac for her flight out.


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