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Monday, May 16, 2005

Oh Henry

So after a quick journey to Jake/Tres house we all ended up heading to Sno-homo in our individual cars. Jake took a rental (the jeep got soaked overnight) and went back to the capitol hill to pick up Janie. Tres came with Skype and I and we headed northward, Infected Mushroom straining through an otherwise uncomfortable silence cutting it like a knife through so much useless fat.

Upon arriving Skype got to meet Sasha, a little Jack Russel Terrier that Carol and Don had rescued. She has a few personality problems about food and attention due to the fact that she had been abused as a puppy. Her and Skype got along for the most part - a few small incidents with food involved a little bit of a scrabble, but other than that the two of them were happy little puppies running and frolicking for a good seven hours. By the time we were ready to leave Skype was exhausted.

The human element was pretty standard for the Henry household - drinking, yelling, abusive yet loving relationships, and the odd comment so sharp that even leather armor +4 quivered in fear. They taught me how to play "Screw Your Neighbor" which appears to be a variant of Uno but played with standard playing cards, and MALICE.

Tonight is the start of week four or my workout regime. It's going really well and I'm very excited about my progress. It's not that noticeable yet from the outside (although it's slowly getting there) but from the inside I feel 100% better. Quitting smoking helped a little bit too, but in general I just feel healthy, more energetic, everything about me seems to have gotten better from my libido (yet sadly I'm still single), to my desire to get off the couch and go do stuff with friends. Yay4Me!


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