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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Phone, again

So yesterday after all the goodness and stress something happened that really managed to piss me off. I dropped my phone. I guess to be fair it was more than a normal drop, more like an aggressive drop onto concrete but nonetheless dropping was involved. Unfortunately this sent my phone into a fit of test modes and I was forced to go get another one. I decided to make the Cingular plunge and have Brien sign me up for a new phone using his Microsoft discount.

I ended up getting the Sony Ericsson S710 camera-phone. Not that I'm particularly thrilled with the idea of having a Symbian OS phone, but it was the only EDGE compatible phone with bluetooth. Since I only need to make voice calls and get my laptop online it seemed like a good compromise. It also syncs with Outlook, but I doubt if I'll use that feature for much more than keeping my phone book up to date.

I kind of like the form factor if for no other reason than it's unique. It also has MP3 ringtones so I'm going to get to be extra annoying around the office and come up with creative and unique ringtones to drive everyone nuts!


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