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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Slight redesign

So I've gotten sick of my old (boring) grey/white format for Sparktoblog. I just tweaked the colors a bit a like it more, but think a complete redesign is in order at some point in the near future. Email me if you have comments or ideas. Expect to see a more drastic change in the near future!


So I've tweaked the layout a little bit, and ripped the color scheme a new one. Anyone like it? Anyone hate it? I HOPE YOU ALL ARE CRYING RIGHT NOW!

**Update 2**

Yeah - so my previous design sucked a bit too much. I redid it yet again and came up with this. It's a bit more "tan and happy" than previous designs. I must admit that I cheated a bit and based it off of a TypePad template. Enjoy and keep up the good crying!


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