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Monday, May 30, 2005


Seattle at night - a camera phone experimentI've been having a few minor problems with image compression when I do automatic posting. Hopefully that is all solved now. I think it was an obscure setting that I just found and changed. I went back and manually re-uploaded all the images from recent posts, and if I got this working then the image attached to this post will look good as well. Aside from that I'm home safely and enjoying a day of relaxing and working out. I'm looking forward to dinner tonight with Brien at my new favorite sushi joint - Wasabi Bistro!

YAY - it worked right this time. I've been looking at a lot of camera phone images and am starting to like the low quality feel for certain types of art. I'm certain I'll never give up my DSLR, but think that my new camera phone is going to get a lot more use than I originally thought.


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