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Thursday, May 12, 2005

A silver blob launched against the autumn sky

The signing went well and my mom made is safely back to Walla Walla last night. Tres and I had a great little workout and talked about more plans for Phoenix Fest and other such things. I'm quite pleased with the fact that I'm starting to see some (minimal) definite change in my body. I'm on day 12 of not smoking, and feeling great for it - I still cough up little bits of nastiness in the mornings some times, but I'm feeling more energetic and no longer get winded as easily.

This morning I woke up early (I've been needing significantly less sleep in the last couple of weeks thanks to working out) and took Skype for a long walk. We probably made it a good 3 miles before I came home to shower and get ready for work. I'm debating trying to make that a regular thing - I value my precious sleep, but I think that exercise with Skype makes us both feel better and helps get our days going.

On a geeky note tonight is the Xbox 360 launch event on MTV. I'm not sure how I feel about it being on MTV, but I sure know I'm excited to see more of it's capabilities. I don't like what I've seen of the design (silver is so ugly for home entertainment systems) but if the graphics and game play can live up to the hints that game studios have been dropping I'll suffer through a bloated and deformed silver blob sitting next to my media center.


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