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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Things are looking up

So quitting smoking and working out is really making an impact. Tuesday and Wednesday were kind of miserable from a quitting smoking perspective, but I’m over the hump and now it’s getting easier every day. On the working out front it’s getting easier to do and I’m starting to see results. Starting yesterday I could see a slight difference. I’m not quite as flubby, slightly more shaped. It’s not a significant change yet – but if I keep this up I think it will be.

As for this weekend it looks like my grandmothers health crisis is wrapping up so I’ll be headed home to Walla Walla for Mothers Day. I’m looking forward to seeing the family, and I’m sure Skype will love running around in the wilderness again. It’s something he almost never gets to do being a city dog!

Tomorrow my dad is coming through Seattle on his way back from being with my grandma. I’m going to meet up with him and we are going to caravan down to Walla Walla. He’s a bit of a slow driver which might get a tad annoying, but it will be nice to take it easy with him and stop at scenic places to take photos and let Skype romp.


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