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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Ups and downs

The weekend was certainly another fun on. Friday night Scott, Mark, Erin, and myself went to go see Hitchhikers Guide with a work friend of mine. The four of us grabbed some dinner at Gordon Birsch which is always fun, then we went to the Pacific Place theaters. My co-worker and her friend missed us in a bit of a phone snafu but we all got to see the movie.

I was fairly impressed yet somehow let down. The movie was fantastic and did a great job of keeping bits of Douglas Adam’s narrative intact, however as a big fanboy of the original books I was disappointed. I liked the movie a lot more after my friends pointed out that to include everything from the book and not take any artistic license would have made the movie 5 hours long and rather boring for a cinematic presentation.

Come Saturday morning Scott, Brien, and myself got ready for the big Lord of the Rings marathon at the Cinerama. We got down there a little after 10 in the morning and ended up staying almost all the way through to the end. 13 hours is a bit to long to spend in a theater seat, and we watched the last hour of the Return of the King back at my place while lounging on the couch.

Sunday was a quiet day around the house. I worked on installing Ubuntu Linux on blinky and learning more and more about how to get around in both the Linux shell and within Gnome. As much as I’ve been whining about Microsoft failing their customers of late and how much of a threat Linux is to them I figured I had better try it out and make my own opinions.

Now three days into my little Linux experience I’m quite impressed. It’s not quite as user friendly or well documented as Windows is yet, however it’s close and catching up. I seriously believe that by the time Longhorn eventually comes out Linux will be stiff competition – particularly based on its free price tag and customization. The transition has been fairly easy given that I was already using Thunderbird and Firefox – for me it has mostly just been learning the details behind the scenes and how to move around within the Gnome desktop.

On a positive note my whole health oriented mentality is paying off. Last night I did my 4th workout, and it really is starting to get easier. I’m pushing myself more and getting more out of it. It’s not significant, but just from increasing my metabolism I’m starting to lose weight and trim up a little bit. I’m also quitting smoking altogether to make my cardio exercises go a bit easier. I’m on day three right now and feeling fairly sick for it. I’m going the patch route again – last time I tried it was the closest I’ve come to a successful quitting yet. I’m just hoping that the sick/coughing/painful phase passes quickly and I’m back on my feet again by next weekend. If previous experience counts for anything I should feel great by the middle of next week.


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awesome, Sparky :) From personal experience... quitting smoking is a hell of a lot easier if you're doing cardio workouts at the same time!

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