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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Web development musings

I've had the developer itch for a while now and have decided to get back into web development. I've got a few concepts kicking around in my head and I think I'm going to flesh out a few of them. I'm checking out OSX development tools and finding myself liking what I've seen so far. Tres introduced to TextWrangler, and it's a great little text editor. It reminds me a lot of Textpad for Windows - another of my all time favorite applications. They both offer minimal interfaces, tons of options, code highlighting, and great macro/sort/text munching capabilities. Tonight I'm going to be getting a copy of Photoshop and then working with it for the UI work.

As much as I've loved using TypePad (and will continue to use them for Sparktoblog) I think I'm also going to download movable type and play with it a little bit for some of these projects. I have a couple of ideas that really will need some form of publishing platform, and having one that's as tweak-able as possible will make things easy. I can still use an RPC compliant posting tool (like Ecto) to post which makes keeping up with projects like this easier.

I'm also considering getting a copy of Flash for this. I've never done motion graphics, but it sounds like something that might be fun to play with. Then again I remember last time I tried to do any motion or 3d work and ended up all but throwing my workstation of the time across the room.


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