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Friday, May 13, 2005

Xbox 3nothing

So last nights MTV event was a big fat failure in my book. Admittedly it was not aimed at me, but I was surprised at how lowbrow the entire thing was. They has bling bling attractive 20somethings all gathered around it acting happy and sexy. They had trash music, and the "pimp my ride" crew interviewing Microsoft VPs. The part that I think bugged me the most is for a launch event the told the public NOTHING about the Xbox 360. There was less than 30 seconds of actual footage from games (and that was grainy and compressed to standard definition) and aside from showing us the (butt ugly) case nothing new was revealed.

*sigh* At least I suppose more tech details and information about the Xbox's future as a digital hub should be coming out at E3 next week.


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