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Monday, June 20, 2005

A big weekend

A lot of stuff happened this weekend! Things started out on Friday night with Brien's actual birthday. I took him out to dinner and we had a pretty good time. He ended up going out till all hours of the morning (about 7:30 in the morning actually) but I stayed home to rest of up the big party on Saturday.

Come Saturday morning I got up bright and early and went in to work for a few hours to catch up on some things. Following that Skype and I went for a long walk and waited around for Brien to wake up. At about 3:00 in the afternoon he finally stirred and we went up to keep him company while he got ready and got some coffee in him.

Dinner at the Wasabi Bistro was a bit of a disappointment - nobody showed! Everyone was either drunk from the Fremont Fair, or had been in an auto accident, or something. Brien and I had a quiet (but for him drink filled) meal, then we drove over to Fremont to collect up some of the Fremont Fair victims and drag them down to the Merchant in Pioneer Square.

The Merchant is an unfortunate little club with (at least on that one and only night I'll ever be there) bad house music, and a worse crowd. There is something particularly annoying about drunk straight people and more-so when they are the type that is drunk and at a club at 10:00. Luckily Brien didn't want to hang out there too long and we all headed to the Noc-Noc.

The Noc-Noc was really not my type of bar, but was actually pretty fun. It's a pretty gothic little place, but had good music. Watching the goths dance was pretty fun, and by that point Brien and the rest of the crew were pretty hammered so as the designated driver I had plenty of entertainment. I got to watch torpid floggings at the next table, while our crew laughed and drank till last call. Brien got pretty hammered (and I do have to say I might be slightly to blame for that) and when things wound down his roommate and I poured him into my car and I took him home.

The next day brought a couple of things: Fathers day, my first blog post going live (and later in the day my second) on Gear Live, and an afternoon with Mikba and Cyns on their deck with a very hung over Brien. They had gotten a giant salmon and were cooking it on the BBQ when we got over. Most of the afternoon was just talking while Skype frolicked in the back yard with another puppy named Jackson.

I kind of wish I had a weekend from my weekend. I'm pretty tired going into my week today and am going to have to make sure I get a solid nights sleep tonight!


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