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Monday, June 13, 2005

And then it got worse

So the weekend was actually pretty fun for the most part. I played with puppies, watched movies, and in general was a bit of a couch potato. Two friends of mine - Adam and Scott - came by at one point or another and relaxed with some content.

The bad news is that I was opening my mail from Saturday and discovered something from Citibank. As we all know they have some serious IT issues and have such bad practices as making unencrypted backups and sending data to credit reporting agencies on unencrypted data tapes. Unfortunately a few weeks ago one of those tapes was "lost" and has yet to be located. That tape has over 3 millions loan victims personal information and payment history on them, including name, address, birth-date, social security number, and their entire payment history with Citibank and all of the credit information that Citibank has in it's location.

The bad news is that the letter I got from Citibank informed me that one of my loans (most probably my mortgage) was acquired on the back end by them and I was now a customer of theirs. The worse news is that my information was on the tapes that they "lost". So now I get to go running around checking my credit report once a month for the next five years to ensure that nobody gets a chance to commit fraud or take out loans in my name. I've dealt with identity theft before, and it's not so much a risk of losing money - it's a risk of having your credit rating trashed and losing oodles of your time.

*sigh* I'm going to look around and see if there is a class action suit or something I can join. I really blame Citibank for this - what financial organization is stupid enough to snail mail unencrypted client data? I mean seriously - did they not think something bad would happen at some point? If nothing else I hope this catches the eye of the Federal Credit Bureau and they start making policies about what responsibilities a financial organization has to it's customers to protect their personal data.


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