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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Busy, bad, and behind the times

The last two days have kind of sucked. I had some failure problems with my Powerbook and ended up basically losing a day to it. Yesterday I got to work at about 6:30 in the morning because I'm behind in my work and have to catch up. I get there to discover the problems and end up having to go home and back up what data I could to swap out some things and then reinstall tiger. Once I finally got all that done I got back to work and was there until they had to take down the servers a at almost 8:00 at night for some maintenance. Luckily I'm good about backups, and I'm pretty much back on track now. I'm still behind, but so long as I keep on working some extra hours I should be caught up and back on track in no time.

Anyone who has not checked out the Second Life really should. It's a virtual burning man of sorts and a very user supported/created environment. I'm impressed with it so far and am looking forward to having some more time to more fully learn it's scripting environment and start creating some content for it.


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