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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Electro prefunk

Well in wake of a few crappy events I'm feeling good about myself, and keeping a positive outlook. At this point I really don't care if my identity is stolen as I have talked to my bank and a few other resources and they have put measures in place to help protect me and ensure that should something bad happen I won't be held liable for it.

I'm taking it all in stride and life is going well. I've had a few allergies today, but other than that it's been a very upbeat and productive day. I'm very pleased that life seems to be going my way again. Tonight after I work out I have very little on my agenda and I'm looking forward to having a quiet night at home with Skype. I'm going to plunk down in front of the TV and get some quality relaxation in!

I've been quite into Electro/Funk/Early 90's music in the last couple of weeks. I've downloaded quite a bit from eMusic and am quite happy with it. Two albums everyone should check out are "Ambienisim" and "Funk Electric", both compilations with excellent taste and style.

I'm strongly considering trading in my Zen Micro for another iPod. I love the Zen, but always had a soft spot for the iPod. The reason I got rid of my original iPod was because of how much I hated iTunes for Windows. The iPod really is the best media player out there, but if you have to use horrible software to get music on and off of it then the whole thing is kind of pointless. Now that I've used iTunes for the Mac I'm very impressed - it's a much better implementation and is calling out for me to get an iPod to go with it. I would run out and do it now, but I can't afford it right at the moment what with all the drama going on. I'm thinking of selling the Zen Micro and then seeing if I can sell my old TabletPC for a couple hundred dollars to get an iPod and build back up my savings a little bit.


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