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Friday, June 03, 2005

End of a long week

I'm certainly glad the week is over. Today sucked. Sucked balls. Big hairy ones. Today mostly centered around my allergies, and a lack of relief. Luckily with a little prodding, some heavy medication, and a lot of patience and rest I've managed to finally get half comfortable. I went home early from work to pick up my prescriptions from the pharmacy and take a nap.

This week was pretty good at work. There was a lot to do and I was really busy but I managed to get a lot done. I haven't made a deal in a little while but I have a lot on right now and have a good feeling about the next couple of weeks. Hopefully I can get a couple of things to drop.

In tech news it looks like Apple is getting ready to drop a new line of powerbooks next week. I'm kind of pissed off because this means that I just spent a lot of money on something that is already out of date. There is a lot of speculation flying around as to wether the new powerbooks will be based on the G5, or an x86 based processor. I really hope it's an IBM chip - as expensive as they are the G4/5 line of chips kick Intel's ass performance wise. The only way that I can see that as a good move is in terms of battery life.

At my friend Randy's recommendation I'm giving Opera another try. So far I'm quite impressed. I don't like that it's not FOSS like Firefox, nor do I like that it lacks Firefox's open plugin architecture, however I have to admit to being impressed. It's really fast and so far seems quite stable. I'm going to try it out for a week or so and figure out if it can meet all of my needs. Something about paying for a browser makes me quite unhappy but if it means a fast configurable browsing experience then I'll consider it.

Shortly Brien will be home from work then we are going to settle in for a quiet evening of movies. After my week I'm all about low key, and what with the allergy medication doping me up I'm pretty excited about the thought of doing fairly little this weekend. Aside from Daniel's tomorrow I really don't have anything on the agenda.


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