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Friday, June 03, 2005

Friday come again

Somehow even though this has only been a four day week it has seemed longer than most weeks. Don't get me wrong - I'm not necessarily complaining - I've gotten a lot of stuff done and it's been one of the more productive weeks in recent history - I just feel very tired at the end of it. I suspect that my sisters graduation is partly to blame as I never really got a chance to have a proper weekend, I also suspect that another contributing factor is that I've got tons of work to be doing right now and have been working longer than usual days.

All that aside this is shaping up to be a fun weekend ahead. Tonight after Tres and I work out my good buddy Scott is coming over and we are going to enjoy some fine food, fine drinks, and a few good movies (I'm still trying to decide which movies would be most fitting). Tomorrow I have big plans for Daniel's Broiler with some friends to reward myself for 6 full weeks of working out and to celebrate Jake's new corporate whoredom.

On a side note yesterday I got myself a Logitech bluetooth headset and I've been playing with it. I'm working on a quick review and you can expect to see it in the coming day or so.


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