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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Suddenly going my way

Today started out boring and normal. I woke up very early and ended up dragging my tired ass to work at around 6:30 so I could get extra work done. At lunch Scot and I went to Charlie's and I had what I had assumed would be my sinful meal of the day. I had a hamburger and salad and was quiet content.

During the afternoon I managed a few recruitment projects then headed to the gym to work out with Tres. By the end of the day I was quite tired and pretty much spent all my energy on working out my legs. After driving home I had some soup then went for a walk with Skype. Upon getting back I decided to drop in on Red Line to grab a croissant. When I got there I discovered to my delight that they had a double whammy of daily specials: the goodness and their new asparagus chipotle salad. Neither of these specials is remotely low fat nor good for my diet, but they are probably two of the best things I've ever had to eat so I had to trade in my modest plans of a croissant for a dose of artichoke heart goodness blended with the bold asparagus salads rich cheesy chipotle dressing.

And then I realized how good the world could be when you have a happy puppy, good food, and a special on Nova about ancient archeology!


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