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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What's in your bag?

So as oft as I am to scoff at blogosphere memes here I go bowing to one. A lot of people I know have been posting their "essentials" and listing the current contents of their bag. So here goes:

  • 15" Powerbook G4 - you really can run your life out of a bag these days!
  • Power adapter for the Powerbook
  • A Logitec Mx900 Bluetooth Optical mouse - If only Apple would swallow their pride and include a second button on the trackpad so I wouldn't have to carry around my own damn 2 (well technically 9) button mouse.
  • A Sandisk Cruzer Mini 1gb flash drive - every geek should own a thumbdrive
  • Sandisk 6 in 1 PC card adapter - why didn't Apple include an SD slot on the Powerbook?
  • Sandisk CompactFlash to PC Card adapter - The 6 in 1 sadly lacks the card type I use the most
  • 5 blank CD's - Like a boy-scout - always be prepared!
  • 2 blank DVD's - prepared for anything!
  • A 2 foot long USB extension cable - this thing comes in handy more often than I care to admit
  • HP 4355 Pocket PC - What parts of my life that I don't run out of a laptop I run out of a Pocket PC. With the thumb keyboard, bluetooth, wifi, and decent battery life its the perfect email appliance. It's in a leather slipcase which I use as a wallet to store my credit cards and identification.
  • Cingular Sony Ericsson S710
  • Power adapter for the S710 - Just realized I got a phone with a good battery life so I could avoid this. I guess I get to leave it at home!
  • Logitech Mobile Freedom Bluetooth Headset - You read the review so you know how I feel...
  • Creative Zen Micro 4 GB MP3 Player Black - gotta have the tunes!
  • Sony MDR-EX71SL Earbud Headphones - amazing little earbuds for my Powerbook or mp3 player
  • Etymotic ER-6 headphones - After some hard thought I'm leaving these at home from now on
  • 12 business cards for the consulting company I work for
  • 8 Sparktography Design business cards
  • A parking pass for my building at work
  • Printed resumes of two candidates I was working with. Not sure why these are still in there
  • My keychain with car, condo, condo building, work, work building, mail, and storage locker keys
  • 2 allergy tablets - thank god for Zyrtec
  • 4 Advil tablets - You never know when a headache will jump out and beat you over the head
  • 2 nutritional supplements
  • A tube of lip balm
  • 3 pens - 2 black, 1 blue.
  • 3 poop scoop bags for walks with Skype

Now I'm going to break the mold of the meme and add my own bit of special magic to it. Here is a list of software for my Powerbook that I can't live without (at least until I find something better!). I think this is far more appropriate as I use the bag primarily to carry my laptop and pretty much run my entire life out of a laptop these days.

Adium - The most amazing multi-network chat client I've ever used
BluePhoneElite - Now that I have a bluetooth phone I use this almost exclusively for call management
Ecto - the XML-RPC blogging tool I'm using to compose this post
Firefox - the worlds most flexible browser
Imageready CS2
Opera - the worlds fastest browser
Photoshop CS2
QuickLink Mobile - the software used to get my Powerbook online with my phone via bluetooth
TextWrangler - not quite as cool as Textpad for Windows, but damn close
Thunderbird - I run my life out of email, and my email out of Thunderbird

So there you have it - my life in a nutshell. The tools, toys, and gadgets that make my personal brand of madness possible!

After reading through this I'm slowly working at ways of consolidating. Once I set it all out and looked at it I realized just how ridiculous this all is.


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