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Monday, July 25, 2005

3 days in the sun

This weekend Brien and I escaped to Phoenix Festival, Skype in tow. It was a blast to go and get away from the city and get to enjoy some fine music and get a little dirty out doors. We ended up leaving for the event on Friday morning and had a pleasant drive over. Once arriving we set up camp and got ready to go party. Ken, Tres, and Jake were all there before us and we hooked up with them very quickly before going out for the first night. For us the first night was really the big one as we ended up fairly tired come Saturday. I had a lot of fun, and perhaps was a bit excessive with my intoxicants but it was worth the pain later given the fun I had.

Skype enjoying the great out doorsSkype had a blast for most of the time. The day we got there he was rather unruly and charging this way and that. He likes camping and now that I know that I'm going to have to take some camping trips with him in the future. He had to be on the leash most of the time at Phoenix Festival this time because he's not ready for off leash time with that many people and dogs there. By the end of the event he was quite worn out and grumpy - since getting back he's slept on the couch and not really moved. I'm guessing he won't move too much more in the next couple of days as worn out as he was by the end. Two days of running will do that to a little pup!

Ian At Pheonix FestBy the end of the event both Brien and I were ready to head home. As amazing as some of the experiences had been I was sunburnt, dirty, and very tired. I didn't keep to my regular sleep schedule while at Phoenix so I'm wondering how long it's going to take me to get back to normal. I have a pretty fierce sunburn now, and even just sitting down with a t-shirt on is rather uncomfortable. We gave our friend Ian a ride back to Seattle as his ride to Phoenix Festival was planning on heading back on Monday. He got to cuddle with Skype in the back seat on the way back and having him along spurred some fantastic tech discussions.

I was surprised at how the event has changed over the last couple of years. When I had last gone it was an out door rave with aspects of burning man thrown in. I had been under the impression that the burning man aspects would grow and it would become very much a small Northwest arts festival. While there were still theme camps and a few art cars those aspects of the event had not grown and the event as a whole was much more spread out, much more separate camps than a city that I had been hoping to find. To be honest I was a little bit disappointed that the event was staying as more of a party and less of an experience. Don't get me wrong - I had a lot of fun and am planning on going again next year, I'm just disappointed that it has not grown in the direction that I had anticipated.


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