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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Coiled, tied up, and squared away.

It's been a long week at work and I was quite glad to see it done yesterday after work. For some reason last night I was in an engineering mood, so (with a little cable coiling help from Brien) I tore my entire entertainment center and network apart and re-cabled them. I also added a second 802.11g access point to the network - now I have one in B/G mode with the SSID "Free Wireless B+G Enjoy" that is outside of my network for the world to enjoy, and one private one inside my network in G only mode with WPA enabled. I know it's not 100% secure, but it's better than nothing, and my neighbors won't keep dropping me down to 802.11b speeds. Now about 50 zip ties later the entertainment center and my "server closet" are all neatly cabled, with nice coils taking up excess cable length.

Ahh the simple geeky pleasures in life. Today I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor with some friends. I'm hosting a movies and games day at my place and I have a bunch of friends that should be dropping by throughout the day. It's almost nostalgic of middle school, playing video games with friends until all hours of the morning, except now rather than drinking sugar we drink beers.


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