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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Dental updates

I have two things to report. First off STAY AWAY from Main Street Dental. They are a dentist office in Bellevue (on Main Street - imagine that) and they suck. I always was a little put off by them and wondered how good they were, but had no real frame of reference. They ignored me in the chair, chatting away during procedures, and as it turns out did not tell me a lot of important information. More importantly they screwed up several of the root canals they did.

The good news is that I have found a GREAT dentist: Guy Roberts on capitol hill. He came highly recommended by a number of people in the area, and is very close to my condo (and when I say very close I'm serious). I now see why they all raved about him. During the exam and cleaning they went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and explain what they were doing. They walked me through the whole process, found problems with some of the teeth Main Street Dental had worked on, and explained (and showed me with X-rays) what those problems were and what they were going to have to do to fix them. I got a warm fuzzy feeling from everyone there, and trust them to complete my dental work and fix the problems caused by Main Street Dentals shoddy work.

The tooth that chipped did so because Main Street Dental never put a crown on a root canal so it got brittle over time and then just broke. Luckily Guy Roberts will be able to put all my crowns on for me in short order. I'm not in pain from it, and I'm glad that I can get everything fixed and I don't need to worry about the damage.


I'm a Guy Roberts' patient, too. He is the best dentist I've had yet. Everyone that works there makes you feel like you are a family member.

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