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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Dentistry again

I was quite disturbed last night when the better part of one of my teeth chipped of while eating a peanut butter sandwich. I fretted about this for a short while before going to bed and decided that I should make an appointment with my dentist this morning. That did bring up a conundrum however - my dentist is over in Bellevue; where I now neither work nor live; and has never 100% impressed me. There is a dentist in the 1st floor of my condo building that several of my friends go to and have been quite impressed with. I decided that perhaps it was time for a switch. I went down and within 5 minutes of talking to one of the dental assistants I was certain that making the move was the right decision - they even give a small discount to anyone who lives in the building. They even assured me that a tooth breaking while eating a sandwich is not so unusual - if a tooth has a crack in it then something sticky like peanut butter can pull it apart. So I'm going to get my annual checkup on Thursday morning, along with a tooth cleaning and an inspection of my freshly broken tooth. Exciting stuff I tell you... Exciting stuff.


Demon peanut butter, eh?

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