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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Now in my early-mid-twenties

Yes, that's right - today is my birthday. I must say it's been a rather happy one at that! Today I turned 24 and officially started my early-mid-twenties. Yesterday Tres, Jake, Ken, and Brien helped me celebrate with a Matrix/Family Guy extravaganza. It was fabulous to enjoy good friends and good times (along with a few good drinks) over the course of the day.

Today was very relaxed. Skype was a little under the weather so I spent most of the day just relaxing and working on a new web project. I'm getting myself ready for a long week at work and preparing for a busy couple of weekends with the Seattle Tattoo Convention and Hempfest this month.

Of particular note on Friday I went to a play that a friend of mine had written, directed, acted in and produced - The Secret Ruth's of Island House. Unfortunately I can't recommend it enough, but it's already done with it's run - she may be doing another series of shows about it and when she does I'm going to make sure everyone knows about it in advance. She and her crew of 7 actors and three musicians create a unique blend of physical theater, mask work, and audio that works amazingly well. I had gone expecting it to be good given my interactions with Alissa, but came away very impressed with one of the best plays I have been to in the Seattle area.

Monday, July 25, 2005

3 days in the sun

This weekend Brien and I escaped to Phoenix Festival, Skype in tow. It was a blast to go and get away from the city and get to enjoy some fine music and get a little dirty out doors. We ended up leaving for the event on Friday morning and had a pleasant drive over. Once arriving we set up camp and got ready to go party. Ken, Tres, and Jake were all there before us and we hooked up with them very quickly before going out for the first night. For us the first night was really the big one as we ended up fairly tired come Saturday. I had a lot of fun, and perhaps was a bit excessive with my intoxicants but it was worth the pain later given the fun I had.

Skype enjoying the great out doorsSkype had a blast for most of the time. The day we got there he was rather unruly and charging this way and that. He likes camping and now that I know that I'm going to have to take some camping trips with him in the future. He had to be on the leash most of the time at Phoenix Festival this time because he's not ready for off leash time with that many people and dogs there. By the end of the event he was quite worn out and grumpy - since getting back he's slept on the couch and not really moved. I'm guessing he won't move too much more in the next couple of days as worn out as he was by the end. Two days of running will do that to a little pup!

Ian At Pheonix FestBy the end of the event both Brien and I were ready to head home. As amazing as some of the experiences had been I was sunburnt, dirty, and very tired. I didn't keep to my regular sleep schedule while at Phoenix so I'm wondering how long it's going to take me to get back to normal. I have a pretty fierce sunburn now, and even just sitting down with a t-shirt on is rather uncomfortable. We gave our friend Ian a ride back to Seattle as his ride to Phoenix Festival was planning on heading back on Monday. He got to cuddle with Skype in the back seat on the way back and having him along spurred some fantastic tech discussions.

I was surprised at how the event has changed over the last couple of years. When I had last gone it was an out door rave with aspects of burning man thrown in. I had been under the impression that the burning man aspects would grow and it would become very much a small Northwest arts festival. While there were still theme camps and a few art cars those aspects of the event had not grown and the event as a whole was much more spread out, much more separate camps than a city that I had been hoping to find. To be honest I was a little bit disappointed that the event was staying as more of a party and less of an experience. Don't get me wrong - I had a lot of fun and am planning on going again next year, I'm just disappointed that it has not grown in the direction that I had anticipated.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Celebrity by association

So I have to admit I'm impressed - someone else I know has managed to cause quite a stir in the blogosphere. A fellow Gear Live editor of mine named Edwin has managed to get international celebrity by getting out of a bum traffic ticket in a creative and tech-centric way. He had the balls to whip out a laptop in court and prove a cop was a liar using google maps right in front of the judge. Since then his story has been posted on Digg, Boing Boing, and slashdot thus gaining him instant geek cred.

*sigh* I miss my 15 minutes of fame.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

So close

Phoenix festival is looming closer and closer. I am tingling in anticipation. I'm also uber-stressed because of it. I have a four day work week this week and next, but still have a five+ day work load both weeks so I've got to bust ass at work. Combine that with working out a little bit extra this week to drop those final few pounds before Phoenix festival and all of the stress of planning, packing and preparing and I'm one busy little guy. Luckily I've still managed to find time to make a few Gear Live posts and give Skype the love he needs.

Two... More... Days...

Monday, July 18, 2005

Digital Media Trinity

Today I laid out my master theory for the coming format war: HD-DVD and Blu-Ray will both lose. They will lose to the Digital Media Trinity. I'm not sure if it will be Apple or not, but I am sure that whoever possesses the e-commerce/delivery mechanism for hi-defintion movie sales online, the hi-definition TV appliance, and the portable media player will own the market and control even Hollywood and the big studios. And yes - I just coined the phrase "Digital Media Trinity" - google says so.

Wedding bells again

This weekend was GREAT! On Saturday I had some friends drop by and we spent the day chatting and watching movies. I got to relax, and surprisingly for the first weekend in a while didn't have to work. Saturday however was not the high point of my weekend: Sunday was.

Jessie and RichardOn Sunday I had the privilege of being present to the joining of two old souls I have had the pleasure of getting to know over the past couple of years. Jessie and Richard got married at a wonderful country ceremony on Sunday just north of Everett. Jessie and Richard have been together ever since I knew them and they always seemed like the perfect couple. I've seen them grow and mature in their relationship and achieve a solid foundation for their relationship that they can spend the rest of their lives building on. had the opportunity to shoot some great photos of the happiest day of their lives and am pleased to share the following one with you here.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Coiled, tied up, and squared away.

It's been a long week at work and I was quite glad to see it done yesterday after work. For some reason last night I was in an engineering mood, so (with a little cable coiling help from Brien) I tore my entire entertainment center and network apart and re-cabled them. I also added a second 802.11g access point to the network - now I have one in B/G mode with the SSID "Free Wireless B+G Enjoy" that is outside of my network for the world to enjoy, and one private one inside my network in G only mode with WPA enabled. I know it's not 100% secure, but it's better than nothing, and my neighbors won't keep dropping me down to 802.11b speeds. Now about 50 zip ties later the entertainment center and my "server closet" are all neatly cabled, with nice coils taking up excess cable length.

Ahh the simple geeky pleasures in life. Today I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor with some friends. I'm hosting a movies and games day at my place and I have a bunch of friends that should be dropping by throughout the day. It's almost nostalgic of middle school, playing video games with friends until all hours of the morning, except now rather than drinking sugar we drink beers.

Dental updates

I have two things to report. First off STAY AWAY from Main Street Dental. They are a dentist office in Bellevue (on Main Street - imagine that) and they suck. I always was a little put off by them and wondered how good they were, but had no real frame of reference. They ignored me in the chair, chatting away during procedures, and as it turns out did not tell me a lot of important information. More importantly they screwed up several of the root canals they did.

The good news is that I have found a GREAT dentist: Guy Roberts on capitol hill. He came highly recommended by a number of people in the area, and is very close to my condo (and when I say very close I'm serious). I now see why they all raved about him. During the exam and cleaning they went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and explain what they were doing. They walked me through the whole process, found problems with some of the teeth Main Street Dental had worked on, and explained (and showed me with X-rays) what those problems were and what they were going to have to do to fix them. I got a warm fuzzy feeling from everyone there, and trust them to complete my dental work and fix the problems caused by Main Street Dentals shoddy work.

The tooth that chipped did so because Main Street Dental never put a crown on a root canal so it got brittle over time and then just broke. Luckily Guy Roberts will be able to put all my crowns on for me in short order. I'm not in pain from it, and I'm glad that I can get everything fixed and I don't need to worry about the damage.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Dentistry again

I was quite disturbed last night when the better part of one of my teeth chipped of while eating a peanut butter sandwich. I fretted about this for a short while before going to bed and decided that I should make an appointment with my dentist this morning. That did bring up a conundrum however - my dentist is over in Bellevue; where I now neither work nor live; and has never 100% impressed me. There is a dentist in the 1st floor of my condo building that several of my friends go to and have been quite impressed with. I decided that perhaps it was time for a switch. I went down and within 5 minutes of talking to one of the dental assistants I was certain that making the move was the right decision - they even give a small discount to anyone who lives in the building. They even assured me that a tooth breaking while eating a sandwich is not so unusual - if a tooth has a crack in it then something sticky like peanut butter can pull it apart. So I'm going to get my annual checkup on Thursday morning, along with a tooth cleaning and an inspection of my freshly broken tooth. Exciting stuff I tell you... Exciting stuff.

Monday, July 11, 2005

For the Trekkie in us all

GGC media presents TNG, yo - a slideshow of TNG screenshots with great captions. Any true TNG fan will appreciate this one!

Friday, July 08, 2005

The difference is amazing.

I feel great - and I even know why: I just got back from working out. What with the 4th of July, and being sick I have not worked out since Saturday - 6 days now. Not merely have I not worked out, but I've gotten barely any physical activity. Of late I've been working out three times a week (including 30+ minutes of cardio per workout) and every single day doing at least an hour of vigorous walking with Skype (not to mention several mini walks for him to go potty in the morning and evening). In the last week I've done nothing - no walks (Dominic and Brien have been walking Skype while I was sick), no working out, nothing buy laying on my couch.

Today I did a light workout. Tres couldn't make it because of work drama, so I did a little push, I did a little pull, I did some light cardio (only 25 minutes today). The difference is like night and day - before I worked out I was tired and not feeling well. The past week with being sick and all I've felt quite badly. Then all in 60 minutes of activity I got my blood pumping and I feel great. I'm still not 100% again, but I have energy, the headache is gone, and I'm ready for action.

Does this mean I'm a junkie? An addict? Addicted to working out? I sure don't mind if it does!

Happy Birthday Skype

Skype with his favorite toyMy baby Skype was born on July 8th, 2004 thus making Skype officially a year old today! I'm going to have to do something special for him this weekend. I'm going to try to make it out to Q and Ruth's with him so he can play with the family. It's been amazing to see him grow so much in the last 10 months we have spent together. He's gone from a tiny puppy who I could carry around in my hand to a giant nearly full grown dog who I can only really pick up if he lets me.

He's also come a long way and is fast maturing into an adult dog. He is becoming very well behaved, learning his boundaries - the trials and stresses of housebreaking are a distant memory. He's nearly (oh so close, yet so far) ready to be left in my condo in general during the day rather than being locked into the kitchen. It's been a long road from him chewing my first sock, to destroying my kitchen (and the boy - he doesn't fool around when it comes to destruction).

As fun as the last 10 months have been I'm looking forward even more to the next 15 years. Skype has become an amazing part of my life - a daily partner who is always there for me when I get home from work. No matter how bad a day I've had, no matter how long things were at work when I get home he's happy to see me and excited to go play a game or go for a walk. He's changed my life a lot as well - I'm more active, and even on those days when I just want to stay home and watch movies I have a puppy to play with and throw a ball for.

Skype - for your endless enthusiasm and energy I thank you!

Waiting in a waiting room

I nearly forgot (thank you iCal) that Brien was having his wisdom teeth removed today. This morning I got the pleasure of making sure he was perky and awake at 6:30 so that we could get to his oral surgeon here in Kirkland by 8:15. Brien is now in surgery and I'm stuck here in the waiting room awaiting his return. Luckily the nurse said it would only take an hour or so for the surgery to complete and then I get to whisk him home and take care of him for a while. I managed to forget my cell phone at home so I'm even trapped here without internet access! I'm going to be working from home till around noon, but then I have to go into the office for at least a little while. I'm hoping to have a fairly short day at work today because I'm very tired, very very tired. Between being sick for the first part of the week, and working hard the last couple of days to catch up I'm very glad that it's Friday. I plan on doing very little this weekend short of watching content with my recovering Brien, and spending some quality time with Skype.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Nothing good

Well something good - I'm feeling better. I'm still a bit worn and weary around the edges, but I'm not sick. The bad news however is the recent London terrorist attacks. My heart goes out to the (so far) 33 confirmed dead and their families. I just don't understand terrorism. Why would you try to gain for yourself by harming others in such a horrific way.

I suppose being the kind of person I am I will never truly understand. Nonetheless I hope they get to the bottom of things soon. I also hope that this does NOT cause another travesty and give America's insane president the reason to go invade another country and make 1000's of more America Hating Terrorists.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

In sickness and in health

The sickness has been getting better, but too slowly. I made it in to work for a couple of hours on Tuesday but then ended up back at home and miserable. Making it out on the 4th to the Henry compound (if only for a few hours) was a mistake. I think that next time I'm not feeling well I should really stay home and rest. Today I'm back at work and quite miserable. I would have stayed home but I have far too much work to be doing. Such is life I suppose.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 4th of July!

Today sucks less than yesterday - that's what I'm happy about!

I've been feeling quite ill the past few days. I think part of it is that I've been working so much of late and I've been stressed out. Another part of it is that I have not been eating properly. Whatever the bits that combined were I got sick. I'm hoping it will all be over before I have to be at work tomorrow. Today I'm just going to go try to enjoy myself. Shortly Brien should be down and we are going to go head to the Henry Compound for some 4th of July madness.