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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Now in my early-mid-twenties

Yes, that's right - today is my birthday. I must say it's been a rather happy one at that! Today I turned 24 and officially started my early-mid-twenties. Yesterday Tres, Jake, Ken, and Brien helped me celebrate with a Matrix/Family Guy extravaganza. It was fabulous to enjoy good friends and good times (along with a few good drinks) over the course of the day.

Today was very relaxed. Skype was a little under the weather so I spent most of the day just relaxing and working on a new web project. I'm getting myself ready for a long week at work and preparing for a busy couple of weekends with the Seattle Tattoo Convention and Hempfest this month.

Of particular note on Friday I went to a play that a friend of mine had written, directed, acted in and produced - The Secret Ruth's of Island House. Unfortunately I can't recommend it enough, but it's already done with it's run - she may be doing another series of shows about it and when she does I'm going to make sure everyone knows about it in advance. She and her crew of 7 actors and three musicians create a unique blend of physical theater, mask work, and audio that works amazingly well. I had gone expecting it to be good given my interactions with Alissa, but came away very impressed with one of the best plays I have been to in the Seattle area.


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