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Friday, July 08, 2005

The difference is amazing.

I feel great - and I even know why: I just got back from working out. What with the 4th of July, and being sick I have not worked out since Saturday - 6 days now. Not merely have I not worked out, but I've gotten barely any physical activity. Of late I've been working out three times a week (including 30+ minutes of cardio per workout) and every single day doing at least an hour of vigorous walking with Skype (not to mention several mini walks for him to go potty in the morning and evening). In the last week I've done nothing - no walks (Dominic and Brien have been walking Skype while I was sick), no working out, nothing buy laying on my couch.

Today I did a light workout. Tres couldn't make it because of work drama, so I did a little push, I did a little pull, I did some light cardio (only 25 minutes today). The difference is like night and day - before I worked out I was tired and not feeling well. The past week with being sick and all I've felt quite badly. Then all in 60 minutes of activity I got my blood pumping and I feel great. I'm still not 100% again, but I have energy, the headache is gone, and I'm ready for action.

Does this mean I'm a junkie? An addict? Addicted to working out? I sure don't mind if it does!


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