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Thursday, August 04, 2005


34As much as it saddens me that something like this needs to happen I am really glad that Ghostcycle.org is making a rather in your face statement to the world about sharing the road with bicycles. Here in Seattle we are somewhat of the biker capitol of the United States - everyone commutes on bikes, and rides the recreationally. Sadly most drivers are not as aware of bicyclists as they should be and more accidents happen each year than should. I have lost close friends, and nearly lost family members to bicycle-auto accidents.

The Ghostcycle project has taken old bikes, painted them white, and put one with a sign on the location of each biker that was involved in a accident with a car along with a number so that you can look up the story behind each person. When you look at the sheer number of deaths on the website it's hard to keep a tear from coming to your eye. The project really does show you how it happens in your neighborhood - just on the five minute drive to and from work I see two of the ghost bicycles.

Please - keep an eye out for bikers. It only takes a second to pass them safely and that extra second can (and will) save lives.


Of course those start going up when I decide to really try and ride to work and back. Maybe I'll just walk.

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