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Thursday, August 25, 2005

I have three things to say

1: Myst V: The End Of Ages is very pretty. It's also very fun.
2: I am very tired. It's 11:39 at night and I still have to take care of a few things before I go to bed.
3: This weekend after the wedding I am sure that I will quite some time playing Myst V.

Myst V really does manage to capture the mystique of the first one, while bringing both the 3D graphics and a more classic control scheme into the same room. Once it has the mystique in the room with the hulking graphics we dan send in a few dune trolls and let them all have after each other. Great fun all around.

I suppose announcing this here would make for a 4th item however I'm just going to gloss over that and bust out with the fact that now I'm done saying three things I'm am now going to announce two*: There are upcoming Sparky style movie marathons. I will be holding a Star Wars marathon once the DVD for Episode 3 comes out, and I will be holding a second marathon of all 14 hours of the Lord of the Rings again soon as well. We have all learned our lessons and bringing laptops, powerbooks, gadgets and gizmos work, just so long as there is lots of booze to imbibe and keep up happy.

Who is down for some OMFGToooMuch Cinematographic action? Apply within to my new shiny email address thats all about me and my sparktography.com domain. The dates will be two sepereate weekends. My guess is that the Star Wars insanity will preclude the OMGFwaytooMUCH as LOTR is an investment. Boy is it a heavy duty investment at that. I need thoughts and times from people.

*Didja notice? I managed to turn things I'm talking about into things I'm announcing about.


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