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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Relaxation and balance

I've been making my life a lot more balanced in the past week. Since I have been taking a two week break from working out I've had some extra free time and I've been making efforts to catch up some areas of my life, and let ones that have been getting too much attention cool down just a little bit. I feel much better for it and think that maintaining a more balanced approach to my life for the next couple of months will really help with my stress levels.

I also have been working with a financial planner again on ways to manage my money better and achieve some short and long term financial goals. I'm getting quite excited as the plan he has me on is easy to maintain and projects me to being on track for getting my house in the next 5 years, and retiring significantly earlier than the average retirement age of the time will be. It's going to be a lot of hard work, and a lot of working harder than I want at a young age, but if I do it, and manage my investments wisely I think I can pull it off.

On a side note: Go Apple! I've been very impressed with them in pretty much every single way of late. Not only have I been using OS X almost exclusively but I've been liking some of the products they have been releasing into the marketplace. The Mighty Mouse was certainly a long time coming - but with that Apple has knocked out the last little niggle I had. Now it just waits to see what is coming with the 5th generation iPods (vPods?) in the coming months.


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