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Friday, August 19, 2005

Strangest thing ever

Last night was my annual company wide work party. We held it down at the beach house on Golden Gardens and it was surprisingly interesting. I took my camera and got some great shots for the company intranet. Afterwards some friends of mine were doing a beach burn at Golden Gardens so I dropped by to say hi to them. I don't see some of my friends often enough - something I will have to remedy in short order.

After I got home Brien and snuggled down to watch Mars Attacks before I had to go to bed and get ready for work in the morning. After I went to bed is when things really started to fall apart. I had quite possibly one of the strangest dreams I've ever remembered:

In my dream I on a lark decided to go to Burning Man (which incidentally is starting about now). I packed a few things into my car - too few things upon waking review - and started to drive. About half way there I thought about calling my boss at work and telling him that I would not be in for a week or two, but for some reason decided that it would be better to wait until I was there to notify him. In typical dreamscape style I don't remember most of the drive, and instead seemed to get in the car, be half way there and have my realization about work, then *poof* I was at the black rock desert. Once I got there I discovered that this year they had completely changed the event and half of it was being held indoors in an air conditioned warehouse, with the other half spilling out into the black rock desert - blasphemy. The indoor portion featured a full library of books on every subject known to man, and a nursery for the kids (henceforth known as squids).

I got there and slowly started to set up my stuff. I found some of my burning man buddies, and ended up camping with Dom and Michael like I did the year I went back in 2000. After exploring the event for a short while I decided that calling my work would be a good idea. It was an extremely disjointed phone call and for some reason my boss was completely OK with me leaving for 1-2 weeks and told me to have a lot of fun. As soon as I got off that phone call I got another one from a clinic where I had gotten an STD test nearly 2 years ago informing me that my test results had been inaccurate and I was HIV+. For some reason in the dream I rationalized this by thinking of the HIV- test results that I had received since, and brushed it aside while I frolicked on the black rock desert. The Jiffy Lube camp was back, but for some reason it had become a lesbian hangout and they had an open bar serving jello shots shaped like vaginas.

The strangest part is next: when it was still about three days from the man burning I suddenly decided that I had done enough of Burning Man, packed up my things, and started to get ready to load it all into my car. I then discovered that my car had been stolen and someone had replaced it with a clown car - a miniature one pre-loaded with accordions and squirt flowers.

This is about the point in my dream when I woke up, a bit more confused than when I went to sleep. What the fuck - seriously.


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