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Saturday, September 03, 2005

An educational experience

It's been a week since I got a chance to update my blog - life certainly has been busy. At work I was doing some things on a few very frustrating roles - I have a good feeling about a few upcoming interviews so hopefully the money will continue to roll in. Friday was nearly a non-day for me - I only really worked for about 6 hours then took some time off to relax and enjoy myself before the evening came.

After a long walk with Skype I went out to grab some coffee with an old friend Eli. We had not seen each other in a long time and it was good to catch up. Not minutes after that was done and the evenings celebrations really begun - Brien and I went down to Belltown to celebrate a recent commission check by having a nice dinner at Wasabi Bistro. We forgot to get reservations so we ended up eating rolls and drinking at the bar. It was really quite the fun occasion.

After just slightly too much sushi we went to go see the Brothers Grimm - Terry Gillian's latest blockbuster. While I would agree with a few reviewers that it was not his masterpiece by any means it was still a fantastic movie. He created a wonderful world and injected a fair amount of his humor into it.

My grandpa working at learning about computers and the internetThis day so far has brought a very educational experience to me. I dropped Skype off with Brien this morning and drove up to Abbotsford to see my grandparents. They recently acquired a computer (17" Powerbook for that matter) and are having quite the difficult time with it. Luckily I am helping them get started and we have been sitting down exchanging emails most of the afternoon. I'm really hoping that they can continue to learn and get a lot of value out of being on the internet. The email thing is starting to make sense given that they are used to writing letters and it's easy to mentally associate writing a letter with email. I have kind of been able to explain the world wide web like a library, but the concept of a search engine is still somewhat foreign to them. I'm looking to find the right computer book that will go through and explain things like mousing, basic web browsing techniques, and other things to them so they can really get on the digital wave. At least with email they will be able to communicate with their family and hopefully keep better in touch with the outside world.

Speaking of getting in touch with the outside world I think my grandpa has lost his touch on the real world. He's still quite intelligent but being retired has made him more conservative and closed minded. He's become quite opinionated and is convinced the world is going to hell in a hand-basket as we speak what with the government drilling for oil and letting gay men drill each other. Now I can agree with the oil bit, but his family values are getting more and more centered on the white picket fence with a white family living behind it. He's become bigoted, racist, and generally the kind of person I don't hang out with much. It's really sad to see what's happened to him given what an open minded renaissance person he used to be back when he was a professor at Whitman College back in Walla Walla.

Tonight my Uncle, Aunt, and several of my cousins are coming for dinner. I'm quite excited to see them as it's been quite a while. After dinner I will have to get back on the road as I have a longer journey ahead and I'm guessing that the US border crossing will ask significantly more questions than the Canadian side did.


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