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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Continuing education

Yesterdays dinner with the grandparents and extended relations was a smashing success. The food was good, the company was better! I miss my uncle most of all - he's got a fascinating mind, quite alike to mine in terms of interests. We had a fairly long discussion (both before and after dinner) regarding encryption, political egress, and the loss of civil rights in the United States. It's conversations of that sort that really do make me consider moving to Canada some day.

While I was driving back I again thought of my grandfather. It really has been sad to see his social decline: He is now a full fledged conservative. Now I can't complain about his political views - everyone is entitled to their own - but I can complain about his views towards all non-menonite, non-white residents of the world. When he retired him and my grandmother moved up to Abbotsford to be closer to their family. When their health dictated that they could no longer live in their house they moved into a large Mennonite retirement condo building and things really started to fall apart. He mind closed up, he interacts only with other conservative old white people, and now he's riled against everyone who is not a part of his tiny little community.

All I can say is please someone shoot me if I ever get like that. Then again I doubt I ever will because I'll be (hopefully) retiring someplace other than a conservative Mennonite retirement community. A beach in Cancun or remote cabin in the woods (with 10Gbps wireless internet connection) sounds more like it.


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