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Thursday, September 29, 2005


Today I am stressed out. I'm not really sure why. I'm busy at work, but not so busy that I would feel quite so "boxed in" like I do. Sadly I am busy enough that I don't have time for much more in my life than work at the moment. So much for the work/life balance.

Someday my magic lottery windfall will come and I'll be able to spend the rest of my life flitting around the globe taking photos of interesting things...

Monday, September 26, 2005

It's been a while

...since I've gotten a chance to sit down and post to Sparktoblog. Life has been rather busy and hectic - but all in a good way. I've been busting ass at work and keeping up my 2 deals a week average, but as a result I have not necessarily had all the free time I've wanted to. For the last 2 weeks I've been saving Sundays for myself as a rest and relaxation day to keep myself from going crazy. On the two most recent Sundays I've barely left the couch and instead enjoyed video games and some soothing relaxation to make up for the other 6 days of the week that have been rather crazy.

More posts to come with more information - I promise. I just have to come up with the time!

Friday, September 16, 2005

The end of a long week draws near

Not that this week has been that special in any particular way, but I've been stressed out and tired for the majority of it. Most of it I would suppose relates to how busy I've been at work - I've barely had any time to keep up with my other interests as I have a lot of high priority roles on at work that are "must fills". The good news is that I'm keeping my momentum going - my 2 deal a week average still has not stopped and shows no sign of doing so. I'm just drooling in anticipation of all my commission catching up with me at this point.

I'm eagerly awaiting a strange thing: the release of the Game Boy Micro. Normally I don't get at all excited about the release of a Nintendo product, but for some reason I want a Micro. I think it might be the cute factor - a problem in my book. Oh well - hopefully by the 27th when it comes out I'll either have enough money I won't have to worry about it, or I'll have lost interest before I spend the money.

Monday, September 12, 2005

You never know what to expect

And that is doubly true when you are going home for your fathers 50th birthday party and bringing your boyfriend! Brien and I had agreed to make the trek down for my dad's 50th a few weeks back when the party plan involved some close friends and a nice dinner. After we had confirmed the party 'blossomed' into a grander scheme involving a surprise party at a retirement home with a faith based couples group from my parents church. While I was used to dealing with my parents church groups I think Brien was a bit put off by all the strangers from such a different world as ours.

Aside from that it was a really fun trip. As much as I don't like driving long distances like that I really enjoyed spending the time with Brien. Skype of course enjoyed getting to go see his grandparents (and they of course always enjoy a chance to see their grand-pup) so all in all fun was had by all. I'm really looking forward to next weekend as I've finally been able to schedule some quality time with my couch and have a weekend at home doing very little.

On the work front I'm glad to report that things are still improving. I have three deals stacked up for this month already and more in my pipeline. I had one that was a faulty close on Friday and was kind of stressed out about that over the weekend, but this morning I managed to make everything fall into place. If I can keep this up my financial future is looking rosy - I just hope that the analysts are wrong about us heading into a bit of a lull in the tech world - I missed the big money from the first tech boom and I sure as hell don't want to miss the big paycheck from the second one!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A refreshing walk

For as many times as I've talked about how great it is to live near where I had yet to actually walk to work until this morning. I was tired and grumpy yesterday evening and ended up going to bed quite early - at about 9:30. I got a goodly amount of sleep and woke up refreshed and early this morning. After my normal shower and dressing routine I was just taking Skype for a walk when I realized how wonderful the day was outside and how much I really wanted to be outside in it enjoying the nice day so I decided to walk.

A brisk 20 minutes of walking and listening to TWiT I arrived here, bright and early. I'm not so sure how I'm going to like walking back up the hill on the way home, but if I survive that I might start walking to and from work on every non-gym day until it starts to rain again.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Continuing education

Yesterdays dinner with the grandparents and extended relations was a smashing success. The food was good, the company was better! I miss my uncle most of all - he's got a fascinating mind, quite alike to mine in terms of interests. We had a fairly long discussion (both before and after dinner) regarding encryption, political egress, and the loss of civil rights in the United States. It's conversations of that sort that really do make me consider moving to Canada some day.

While I was driving back I again thought of my grandfather. It really has been sad to see his social decline: He is now a full fledged conservative. Now I can't complain about his political views - everyone is entitled to their own - but I can complain about his views towards all non-menonite, non-white residents of the world. When he retired him and my grandmother moved up to Abbotsford to be closer to their family. When their health dictated that they could no longer live in their house they moved into a large Mennonite retirement condo building and things really started to fall apart. He mind closed up, he interacts only with other conservative old white people, and now he's riled against everyone who is not a part of his tiny little community.

All I can say is please someone shoot me if I ever get like that. Then again I doubt I ever will because I'll be (hopefully) retiring someplace other than a conservative Mennonite retirement community. A beach in Cancun or remote cabin in the woods (with 10Gbps wireless internet connection) sounds more like it.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

An educational experience

It's been a week since I got a chance to update my blog - life certainly has been busy. At work I was doing some things on a few very frustrating roles - I have a good feeling about a few upcoming interviews so hopefully the money will continue to roll in. Friday was nearly a non-day for me - I only really worked for about 6 hours then took some time off to relax and enjoy myself before the evening came.

After a long walk with Skype I went out to grab some coffee with an old friend Eli. We had not seen each other in a long time and it was good to catch up. Not minutes after that was done and the evenings celebrations really begun - Brien and I went down to Belltown to celebrate a recent commission check by having a nice dinner at Wasabi Bistro. We forgot to get reservations so we ended up eating rolls and drinking at the bar. It was really quite the fun occasion.

After just slightly too much sushi we went to go see the Brothers Grimm - Terry Gillian's latest blockbuster. While I would agree with a few reviewers that it was not his masterpiece by any means it was still a fantastic movie. He created a wonderful world and injected a fair amount of his humor into it.

My grandpa working at learning about computers and the internetThis day so far has brought a very educational experience to me. I dropped Skype off with Brien this morning and drove up to Abbotsford to see my grandparents. They recently acquired a computer (17" Powerbook for that matter) and are having quite the difficult time with it. Luckily I am helping them get started and we have been sitting down exchanging emails most of the afternoon. I'm really hoping that they can continue to learn and get a lot of value out of being on the internet. The email thing is starting to make sense given that they are used to writing letters and it's easy to mentally associate writing a letter with email. I have kind of been able to explain the world wide web like a library, but the concept of a search engine is still somewhat foreign to them. I'm looking to find the right computer book that will go through and explain things like mousing, basic web browsing techniques, and other things to them so they can really get on the digital wave. At least with email they will be able to communicate with their family and hopefully keep better in touch with the outside world.

Speaking of getting in touch with the outside world I think my grandpa has lost his touch on the real world. He's still quite intelligent but being retired has made him more conservative and closed minded. He's become quite opinionated and is convinced the world is going to hell in a hand-basket as we speak what with the government drilling for oil and letting gay men drill each other. Now I can agree with the oil bit, but his family values are getting more and more centered on the white picket fence with a white family living behind it. He's become bigoted, racist, and generally the kind of person I don't hang out with much. It's really sad to see what's happened to him given what an open minded renaissance person he used to be back when he was a professor at Whitman College back in Walla Walla.

Tonight my Uncle, Aunt, and several of my cousins are coming for dinner. I'm quite excited to see them as it's been quite a while. After dinner I will have to get back on the road as I have a longer journey ahead and I'm guessing that the US border crossing will ask significantly more questions than the Canadian side did.