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Friday, September 16, 2005

The end of a long week draws near

Not that this week has been that special in any particular way, but I've been stressed out and tired for the majority of it. Most of it I would suppose relates to how busy I've been at work - I've barely had any time to keep up with my other interests as I have a lot of high priority roles on at work that are "must fills". The good news is that I'm keeping my momentum going - my 2 deal a week average still has not stopped and shows no sign of doing so. I'm just drooling in anticipation of all my commission catching up with me at this point.

I'm eagerly awaiting a strange thing: the release of the Game Boy Micro. Normally I don't get at all excited about the release of a Nintendo product, but for some reason I want a Micro. I think it might be the cute factor - a problem in my book. Oh well - hopefully by the 27th when it comes out I'll either have enough money I won't have to worry about it, or I'll have lost interest before I spend the money.


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