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Thursday, October 20, 2005

A quick shout out to Escape Pod

I have just discovered a delicious new podcast called Escape Pod. Escape Pod helps bring the best in short stories in the Sci-fi and Fantasy genres to life by reading them in animated ways with some surprisingly good voice talent. I discovered it recently thanks to one of my many hero's: Boing Boing creator Cory Doctorow.

Of particular note so far in my Escape Pod journey is The Dream Factory - a wry futuristic vision of Hollywood soaked in humor, and well seasoned with adult language and situations. The voice talent is provided by Scott Fletcher who gives the story a very rich telling with his delightful inflection. If you only check out one episode of Escape Pod make it The Dream Factory! Click here if you want to read the text for The Dream Factory rather than hear Scott Fletchers rendition.


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