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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Digital mobile lifestyle

Life has been crazy again - for the first time in a week I feel like I have a chance to sit down and write a bit. The week brought a closed deal, and a lot of stress on a few more details that I'm trying to close at work. I've been waiting less and less patiently for some of these deals to start paying out - I have money that needs spending on new mobile telecommunications devices and savings for my house.

This weekend luckily has been fairly relaxing. I've spent much of my time on the couch catching up on reading and watching some idle content on my TV. I'm experimenting around with various e-readers and e-book technology. I'm really liking MobiPocket for the Palm OS. I'm finding the 320x320 screen rather limiting however - I can't wait for the era of an 800x600 mobile phone screen - even if it would be small it would be detailed enough that someone like me with good eyes could really get into a good book with it.


We face a new paradigm - the mobile society. Our lives get more and more disconnected, disparate, yet still constantly in touch. Technology enables us to reach out and contact someone at a moments notice - email, SMS, cell phones, instant messaging, web forums, wiki's and the lot. Yet the more connected we get with each other through technology the more disconnected we get as a society.

I have friends - and close one at that - whom I have never actually met. I have entire ad-hoc microsocieties that I connect with and feel a part of yet never physically work with. It's interesting to see how this new paradigm has affected our society. When I think of prior generations - my parents for example- who never had a friend they never met. I mean my dad might have understood the concept of a pen-pal, but would he have understood the concept of modern digital social groups?


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