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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Am a geeky, Seattle based, music fan, iPod listening, podcast devouring, Gear Live posting, Doctorow reading, Sci-Fi loving, 6'1, fitness fan, up to date, sushi eating, Sonicare using, pierced, tattooed, dog loving, pit bull daddy, gay, allergy hating, Mac using, classic game playing, Final Fantasy fan, mortgage paying, slave to the man, slave to the machine, gadget whoring, democrat.

Want to learn a foreign language, give more to charity, have the latest gadget, visit London, visit Germany, write a book, have luxurious retirement, have the time to pursue my dreams, have better teeth, a cabin in the woods, a house with a yard, better hair, a better chest and abs, and a cool shoe collection.

Am not humble enough, good with fractions, late, somewhat clumsy, can't ski, don't have good self control when it comes to gadgets and money, able to deal with all of my problems in a timely fashion.

How's that for a LJ style Meme. Anyone to trackback to it?


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